Movie night: thought-provoking videos for startups and creatives

Unless you’re lucky enough to be a southern-hemisphere reader, it’s probably raining, snowing, or really cold outside. Why not stay in and watch a couple of thought-provoking videos?

Matt Mullenweg

First up, Matt Mullenweg (@photomatt), philosophy graduate, Texan, and founder of WordPress which reportedly now powers 20% of the world’s websites (including this one). Filmed at the Lean Startup Conference, this is a fascinating and thoughtful interview with one of the most likable tech CEOs around which covers innovation, Matt’s vision of how WordPress democratizes publishing, the independent Web, how WordPress retains a startup culture, what it means to be working, why he can’t remember when he was last in the office (and why that doesn’t matter).

Brian Eno

Next, another innovator (albeit one with significantly less hair): Brian Eno, English musician, composer, record producer, singer, and visual artist, known as one of the principal innovators of ambient music. Eno discusses creativity, particularly in music production, dips into the art world, and many of his ideas are highly relevant to anyone working in creative industries (and life in general). As it’s a long and wide ranging interview, rough signposts to the main talking points are included below:

  • 01:00 His work, 77 Million Paintings, which combines images and music, and its use in healthcare
  • 00:10 Relationship between control and surrender in creativity
  • 00:16 Creativity in groups, art history, ‘scenius’, early 20th century Russian art, Picasso, Miles Davis and more
  • 00:22 The link between technology, tools and creativity in music and art
  • 00:26 Analog versus digital and how limits increase innovation
  • 00:34 Why drinking tea helps awkward moments in collaboration
  • 00:37 Gloss, finish, the thrill of the new (in music) and fear of the popular (in the art world)
  • 00:55 Can creativity be taught?
  • 01:00 How to know when something is finished
  • 01:15 Opening up, control and surrender