Don’t copy, embed! Getty Images opens its images to online sharing in “disruptive” move

In a radical – and controversial – move designed to increase its online reach and discourage copyright infringement, Getty Images now offers an embed option throughout its database of 35 million images for non-commercial use. Aimed largely at the online blogging community, images are embeddable as iframe code in the hosting web page. WordPress (host of Art Market Technology) already have included support for the embed option, saying “We have been working with Getty Images over the past few weeks” on the feature.

As shown below, copyright information, social sharing links, and a link back to Getty Images are included in the image served.

Embed from Getty Images

Launching the service, Jonathan Klein, co-founder and CEO of Getty Images, said:

Innovation and disruption are the foundation of Getty Images, and we are excited to open up our vast and growing image collection for easy, legal sharing in a new way that benefits our content contributors and partners, and advances our core mission to enable a more visually-rich world.

Getty’s Terms and Conditions for the embedded viewer describe their restrictions for the service, as well as hint at the intelligence the embed option gives them, and possible future advertising-supported monetization strategies.

Getty Images’ strategy could easily be applied to the art world. How long before online sales platforms, museums or gallery websites offer something similar?

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