KPCB Internet Trends report 2014

In recent years Mary Meeker’s annual internet trends report for Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers (@KPCB) has become ‘an event’ in the technology world. This year’s report was published today at the inaugural Re/code Code Conference. Packed – as usual – with a bewildering range of statistics and graphics, the report is required reading (or more likely skimming) for any technology company developing internet-based services.

Some trends and statistics from the report:

  • Internet growth in developed markets is slowing as they reach saturation; now fastest growth is seen in more “difficult to monetize developing markets” such as India / Indonesia / Nigeria.
  • Similarly, the fastest growth for smartphones is now in markets like China / India / Brazil / Indonesia.
  • As expected, tablet sales are growing faster than PCs ever did, with 52% growth year-on-year, overtaking sales of notebooks and desktops.
  • In terms of devices and users, the mobile internet is expected to be 10 times the size of the ‘desktop internet’.
  • Although venture financing of technology companies grew year-on-year, it’s still 77% below the 2000 ‘internet bubble’ peak in real terms.
  • The ‘visual web’ of sharing and communicating images and videos on mobile is growing rapidly (Instagram, YouTube, et al.)
  • 80% of internet users in China access solely via the mobile internet.
  • China is the leading global innovator in e-commerce services.

Although the online art market isn’t specifically discussed in Meeker’s report, her insights into technology development and user behaviour will be of interest. The closing slide also offers a (humorous?) illustration of the possibly dystopian future of digital art…


Read more:

The 2014 report is available below, and also from the KPCB Internet Trends microsite. The microsite also includes an archive of previous reports back to 2001.