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Google’s DevArt: “A new type of art, made with code”

If ( (Google & The Barbican) like your digital art ) { print("You could win £25,000!") ; }

Artists have always been influenced by technology, and are often the innovative adopters of new technologies, whether that’s Vermeer’s camera obscura, Hockney’s polaroids, or Gursky’s photoshopping. It’s no surprise then that Google, the world’s leading technology company, in collaboration with the Barbican organization are currently funding a competition called DevArt to encourage “creative coders” to produce digital artworks using the tools of their coding trade: APIs, development frameworks, and the GitHub code repository. Entrants must use at least one Google technology.

In the spirit of Open Source software development – not always something Google champions – artists are encouraged to share their code and creative processes through GitHub and have commissioned a number of interactive artists to share their own. The competition runs until 28 March 2014, 18:00 GMT. The winning creative coder will receive a budget of £25K, Google Developer support as well as curational and production support from the Barbican in London, to help realise their concept into a digital art installation for the DevArt section of the Barbican’s forthcoming Digital Revolution exhibition. From there, the exhibition will then go on tour to cities around the world.

Visit the DevArt site or see Google’s introduction to the competition below.