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“We’re witnessing the digitization of art commerce”

Stephen Tanenbaum (@sltbaum) President & Co-Founder of the San Francisco-based online art sales platform, UGallery, writes in the Huffington Post (‘How Mobile Technology is Accelerating Online Art Growth‘) that not only are digital technologies transforming all aspects of the art market, but that change is being accelerated by the adoption of mobile devices.

Just as online art went mainstream with the general shift towards e-commerce, browsing art through smartphones and tablets will likely see substantial acceleration over the next 5 years, creating a massive sales opportunity for the industry while making the buying and selling process easier than ever.

UGallery has seen increases of 100% in both mobile traffic and mobile transactions, and many platforms now offer iOS or Android-specific apps, alongside mobile optimized web platforms. Larger smartphone screen sizes, the rise of the tablet device, and integrated e-commerce all combine to provide a better user experience which facilitates the online sales transaction.

Interestingly, Tanenbaum also cites the ability to research or share an artwork with friends through the user’s mobile device as an aid to completing the sale:

the prelude to purchase often involves a deliberation period, sharing the artwork with friends, family and/or designers, before the collector ultimately says yes. Mobile shortens that traditionally longer purchase process for both sellers and collectors and makes it easier and more enjoyable.

Read more: How Mobile Technology is Accelerating Online Art Growth (Huffington Post 9 January 2014)