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Planning an art market startup? Then you need to watch this.

In the first of a series of ‘MOOC’ lectures to be published online by Stanford University as part of its CS183B class, Sam Altman (@sama), President of Y Combinator describes ‘How to Start a Startup.’ Drawing on nine years’ of advice to startups, Altman focusses on the 30% of practical advice Y Combinator has given to their portfolio companies that’s applicable to any startup. Based on a hugely successful 2012 course on the same topic by Peter Thiel, this year’s course includes a roster of stellar speakers, including Paul Thiel again, Paul Graham, Marc Andreessen and Marissa Mayer. Altman is publishing all materials including slide decks and further reading lists on a GitHub site, and the annotatable full text of lectures is available on tech.genius.com.

Saatchi Online (@SaatchiOnline) combines curation, technology, and a global brand to “democratize” art sales

In a spirited and wide ranging interview with Lori Kozlowski of Forbes Magazine at Social Media Week LA yesterday, 27 September 2013, Rebecca Wilson (Chief Curator) and Margo Spiritus (Chief Creative Officer) clearly articulated the Saatchi Online digital strategy and mission: to apply traditional curation skills, technology, and the Saatchi brand to connect emerging artists with collectors worldwide. In the process they believe they can democratize and make transparent the often “murky” and “intimidating” world of art sales.


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Innovative PCF/BBC #YourPaintings crowd-sourced, ‘citizen science’ art tagging project passes 3 million mark


An innovative approach to making the UK’s public art collection searchable has generated three million descriptive ‘tags’ on more than 200,000 paintings. Just under ten thousand users have contributed to the Your Paintings Tagger website which uses a ‘citizen science’ approach previously used on the Galaxy Zoo project for identifying astronomical objects.

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Deloitte Art and Finance Report 2013 – Growth of the online art industry


Deloitte’s 2013 update of their Art and Finance report includes for the first time a section on ‘Growth of the online art industry’ (section 4, pp. 54-58). Essential reading for anyone interested in art market technology, the Online section of the report includes:

  • Highlights
  • Introduction
  • Survey: online art industry – perceptions and attitudes
  • Online art businesses are seen as key in developing the Art & Finance industry
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